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 C L O S E D

  • NO Bookings required

  • pay only for what you pick 

  • Pick your own will be suspended during wet conditions for public safety.

  • We ask that all people attending pick your own strawberries adhere to the following rules:-


  1. Stay within the taped area

  2. Closed in footwear (footwear must be worn into the paddock) 

  3. No eating in the paddock

  4. Only pick solid red berries

  5. Do not pick the strawberry flowers or unripe/green fruit

  6. Children must be supervised

  7. One container per person

  8. Return your fruit to the counter for weighing

  9. Pay for what you pick

  10. Wash your fruit before eating

  11. No pets allowed in paddock

  12. Enjoy your time on the farm

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